We can handle ALL your automotive needs!

Scheduled Services

Coolant Services
Transmission Services
Brake Repairs

To schedule any of these services call us at (567) 429-1919.

Preventative Maintenance

Safety Inspections
Tire Rotations/Tread Depth
Oil Change
Coolant Services
* Flush
* Freeze Protection
* Corrosion Levels
Transmission Services

* Filter Service
* Fluid Flush
Tune Ups

* Filters Checked
* Spark Plugs
* Induction Service
A/C Analysis
* Pressure Check
* Vent Temperatures
* Check Cabin Filter
Brake Inspections

* Check Pad Life
* Rotor/Drum Wear
* Fluid Conditions
* Hose/Line Condition

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Specialized Repairs

Brake Repair
Tire Replacement
Fluid Leak Repairs
* Output Seals
* Gaskets
Drivability Concern Diagnosis & Correction
Exhaust System Repairs
Steering and Suspension Repairs
Emission Repair
Air Conditioning Repairs
Internal Engine Repairs
Transmission Control Repairs
Electrical Diagnosis & Repair

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